Enabling busy Clinicians to integrate drug-nutrient interactions into their clinical practice

From beginnings to now

Two people surrounded by a swirl of nutrients and tablets

1990's early

Question - why are all these elderly people prescribed so many different medicines? Perhaps 24 different medicines are a few too many for one person.

Question - what are the nutritional impacts of all these medicines – both singly and in combination?


Commenced publishing Drug-Nutrient Interactions The Manual

Question – how can the information be presented in a clinically meaningful format that is also useful to other clinicians?
New cover for Medications & Nutrition


Change of title to Medications & Nutrition A Quick Reference for Busy Clinicians to better reflect content ie interactions with nutrients, food, and other forms in which impacts can occur.

Cover for the online resource Medications & Nutrition A Quick Reference for Busy Clinicians


The ongoing updates resulted in a publication that was too big for even the largest available binder so the publication became an online-only subscription service.

Cover for Medications & Nutrition 2020 Update


This Update has also included several medications that interact with thiamine transporters.

Image of couple surrounded by swirling nutrients and pills


Medications & Nutrition – a dedicated website to the field of pharmaconutrology.

Our 25+ years of experience in this field includes

 - collating and publishing the research evidence that is accessible to us,

 - testing various ways in which to present the information on clinical assessment forms,

 - identifying the range of applicability of this information including wound management, falls prevention, sleep quality, pain management, agitation management, etc

It is perhaps time to share some of our expertise!

Our philosophy is to provide as much of the credible research that is accessible to us, in one place to increase ease of use for busy clinicians, and consequently enhance improvement in the outcomes of those in their care. With that proviso in mind the information is presented in dot points and then referenced so the source can also be easily accessed. 

Medications & Nutrition

comprehensive and reliable information, easy-to-use

The best sequence for applying the information
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