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Medications & Nutrition

Image of some of the drug data available

The overlooked bit in health care

We help busy clinicians access clinically-useful drug-nutrition interactions research with our subscription-based online platform Medications & Nutrition

Medication & Nutrition (online platform)

MedNut Mail (free weekly email)

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Medications & nutrition

Also known as Drug-nutrient interactions and/or drug-nutrition interactions, and/or drug-food interactions.

Prescribed medicines have both healing and harming properties. By identifying the negative nutritional impacts of the prescribed medicines, and implementing strategies to address those harms, the benefits of prescribed medicines are improved and therefore better outcomes for the consumer.

How well do you understand this aspect of health care?

Know nothing

Don't know anything about this field

This cheatsheet identifies some examples of the broad range of applicability of this field in clinical practice.

Cheatsheet with 5 examples of drug-nutrient interactions - includes both question and action
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Relevance to me?

Have heard of it but a not sure whether it is relevant to my practice

This ebook outlines in more detail the clinical applicability of this field in your clinical practice.

Cover for our ebook Drug-Nutrition Interactions the overlooked bit in patient care
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Quite curious

Am quite curious about the field of drug-nutrient interactions

Our 2 ebooks 5 key Drug-nutrition interactions, and Medications & nutrition overview may be useful.

Cover for our ebook Drug-Nutrition Interactions the overlooked bit in patient care
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Having been looking for a resource like this ...

You’ve been looking for a clinically-practical resource for quite some time …

Clicking on this link will take you to our old website - an interim strategy

Medications and Nutrition is a comprehensive resource on 

interactions between prescribed medicines and nutrition

Medications and Nutrition is a comprehensive collation of good quality, clinically useful research evidence relating to the impact of prescribed medicines on nutritional health factors.

The subscription-based, online platform and its associated resources, suits busy, time-poor clinicians who find it difficult to access and integrate the drug-nutrition interactions information into their clinical reports.

Medications & Nutrition - easy to use

Easily access relevant information

Only look once for that prescribed medicine's information

Comprehensive range of prescribed medicines.

Each prescribed medicine's information is listed by both brand and generic names.

You can confirm the reliability of the information yourself

All entries referenced

Not included - papers that contain a mismatch between data presented and Conclusions

Able to access relative references
Updated regularly

Maintains currency of the information

Updated on a regular basis

No editorial

You form your own conclusions.

Objective information only - no author comments

Medications & Nutrition enhances your clinical skills because ...

Once you identify an interaction then you can manage it

Includes interactions between prescribed medicines and foodstuffs, alcoholic beverages, some "drug" transporters, and vitamins and minerals.

Increases clinical effectiveness
Increases clinical effectiveness

Once you identify an issue then you can manage it

Also includes impacts on BSLs, binding to plasma proteins, adverse reactions (relating to nutritional impacts), impacted nutritional biochemical factors, non-oral feeding, impaired swallow reflex.

Introducing change is hard ... especially for busy clinicians

Introducing change is always difficult as your current habits and systems are well established ... non-inclusion of new stuff can be an inconvenience.

Initiating new "habits" or systems takes time as you ask questions such as how do we include this important information on our already-crowded assessment page, and/or how do we integrate this information into our clinical management strategies; it requires discussion and resolution.

You also have to decide whether the investment of your time, learning and testing provides a reasonable benefit to the people in your care.

Cheatsheet with 5 examples of drug-nutrient interactions - includes both question and action

As it is difficult to decide whether a resource like our Medications & Nutrition is worth your investment, this Cheatsheet was developed as a sample of the broad range of applicability of this field in your clinical practice. This is a free gift for you to download - it does not even require your contact details!

Change isn't easy to recognise as it arrives, but it's impossible to forget once it's here. 

Seth godin


Medications & Nutrition

comprehensive and reliable information, easy-to-use

The best sequence for applying the information
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